Kefir! Bring Simple And Easy Source Of Health On Your Table! (RECIPE)


Why do you need to buy kefir when you can make it at your home?

At the same time, this homemade remedy will be far healthier than the one from the store.

Of course, you will have fresh and all natural healthy remedy for a lot of diseases.

Most of you have heard about this miraculous “mushroom” or microorganisms that are daily transferred from one jar to another.

You just need to strain it and drink the old kefir milk.

At the jar you need to add new milk, wait 24 hours and you will get kefir milk.

For what is good kefir milk?

In fact, of the newly established homemade remedy, you can have multiple benefits.

It reduces inflammation, improves digestion, boosts immunity, purifies the body and helps in weight loss.

If you want to make your homemade healthy drink, definitely you need to find your first grain for the cultivation of this miraculous “mushroom”.

That is the way how everything starts.

Culture kefir in our regions often referred to as the Tibetan mushroom or fungus kefir.

However, kefir grains are not mushrooms.

Kefir grains reminiscent of boiled cauliflower are the main ingredient for your homemade remedy.

These grains are the composition of the mixture of proteins, amino acids, lipids and soluble polysaccharides.

In addition, they contain a symbiosis between a large number of good, lactic acid bacteria, acetic bacteria, and yeast strains.

The grains are reproducing in milk and do not have a shelf life.

They can live forever.

There were numerous persistent attempts of microbiologists to produce these grains in the laboratory.

All of those attempts were unsuccessful until nowadays.

The question – where they come from and how they formed remains without a scientific answer.

Quantity about half tablespoons cells is sufficient for 3 dl milk.

In one glass jar put kefir grains and pour with cow’s or goat’s milk.

Cover the jar and leave it for the next 24 hours.

When the milk thickens, your homemade remedy is ready.

Thoroughly mix the entire mixture and strain it all through a strainer.

The granules in the strainer reinsert in the new milk.

The strained liquid content you can drink.

If you desire you can insert and flaxseed in the drink.

Now, you have one more healthy homemade remedy forever in your family.

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