All Your Life You Cook Rice On Wrong Way! Cook Rice In This Way To Have 80% Fewer Toxins! (RECIPES)

Cook Rice

Scientists believe that millions of people every day endanger their health because they cook rice in the wrong way.

Namely, in the composition of the earth’s soil, including the one on which are grown various crops and other food, there are toxins dangerous to human health.

Various industrial pesticides and toxins in the soil remain for several decades.

Among those toxins is also arsenic, a powerful poison which, although minimal concentration, however, permitted in the food we consume.

Experts have a long time debate about what exactly percentage is harmless for human health when it comes to arsenic.

However, according to the latest provisions of the European Union, this level is put to the minimum.

Moreover, this chronic exposure to toxins they connect with a number of health problems.

Health problems that arsenic can cause:

Mental disorders

– Heart disease



Fear of the disease, but also increasing awareness of the importance of healthy eating, people more forces to think about what will be on their plate.

Of course, is certainly positive news that a small change when you cook rice can do something good for the health.

At the same time, they will take care and about their family`s health.

In fact, Professor Andy Meharg from the University in Belfast for Bi-Bi-lightening show “Believe me, I’m a doctor” conducted an experiment that involved testing that three ways to cook rice.

Cook rice on proper way

1st way

You can cook rice if you add double the amount of water, and let it completely evaporate during cooking.

2nd way

The second method involved a scale of 1: 5 in relation to rice and water.

The remaining rice water you can also use for your health.

The cooked rice you need to wash.

On that way, rice has almost halved the amount of arsenic in its composition.

3rd way

As the most effective way has proven to be one in which the Meharg rice left to be soaked in water overnight.

The level of toxins in the rice is then by 80% fewer.

So, next time when you are preparing lunch, you can use one of those three ways to cook rice.

Cook rice on this way

Measure the amount of rice in the bowl.

Soak it in water and leave overnight.

Before cooking, discard the water and rinse the rice well and drain.

Rice put in the cooking pot and put water at a ratio of 1: 5 with a pinch of salt.

Cover pan and cook rice on a low heat for 10-15 minutes.

On the same way, you can cook and black rice.

Enjoy a healthy way of cooking rice and also share that with your friends and family.

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