Macadamia Oil – Here Are The Secrets Of The Perfect Oil

Macadamia Oil

Macadamia Oil

Macadamia oil many as one of the most perfect and complete oil with many uses, both in medical and cosmetic purposes.

Macadamia oil is obtained from macadamia nuts (lat. Macadamia integrifiola), who is originally from Australia and now cultivated in other countries with a suitable climate.

Macadamia tree grows up to 13m, and the fruits are small and well protected by a hard shell.

The fruit macadamia has always been the high reputable.

It means and represented one of the basic foodstuffs to the Aborigines due to high nutritional and medicinal value.

They used it for treatment and care, and he is their means of trade.e secrets of macadamia oil

Macadamia oil is one more valuable natural gift

The aromatic macadamia oil is getting by cold pressing of macadamia nuts at 35 ° C.

This oil has a golden-yellow color and a mild nutty flavor.

Macadamia oil as prevention and cure

One of the reasons the macadamia particularly appreciated among nutritionists and beauticians is the fact that this oil contains the most unsaturated fats compared to other oil – 80%.

Coconut oil is behind him.

Here’s a little comparison: While tablespoons macadamia oil contains 11g of unsaturated (healthy) fats, olive oil contains about 9g.

In its composition contains small amounts of omega-6 fatty acids, while only the remaining 16% goes to saturated fatty acids.

And finally, this oil does not contain notorious trans-fats (unsaturated fats).

Why is all this useful for our body?

First, because it is a proven preventive role of monounsaturated acids in the development of heart disease, metabolic disorders (diabetes) and certain types of cancer, and macadamia oil is rich in them.

Studies conducted on people suffering from diabetes have shown that if you regularly submit monounsaturated acid have fewer fluctuations in blood sugar.

Macadamia oil is rich in oleic acid, which has proven to reduce the inflammatory processes in the body, stimulates memory, reduces the symptoms of asthma and allergies, and ultimately increases the level of testosterone.

Oleic acid, which is abundant in this oil is one of the sources of “good” (HDL) cholesterol, and its use value “bad” (LDL) cholesterol are reduced.

Cold pressed macadamia oil contains a combination of vitamins A and vitamin E, squalene and substances that stimulate the synthesis of vitamin D so that this oil can be applied as a natural protection against harmful UV radiation.

How to contain high levels of magnesium, it also promotes the health of bones, tissues and cells, positively affects the nervous system and heart rhythm.

Very often, this oil is one of the ingredients in the mixture which are locally applied and rubbed for various ailments: headaches, digestive cramps, colds, flu and a cough.

For all these qualities, macadamia oil is always recommended and select of all who choose a healthy lifestyle and look to food as medicine.

Such as coconut oil, macadamia oil and helps in losing weight.

In combination with oil, hazelnut (1: 1) is highly effective in the treatment of cellulite.

Macadamia oil contains the same number of calories as olive oil (one tablespoon contains 120cal).

However, this oil has a higher point relative to the heating in olive oil (6.6 ° C).

In practice, this means that it is free to be used for braising and roasting at high temperatures because it will not occur in healthy substances in it.

In addition, the dishes will add specific exotic nutty flavor.

Perfect care for skin and hair

Macadamia oil is ideal for skin care because it is rich palmitoleic acid (25%), which is composed of the lipids of young skin.

In the process of aging, it decreases levels of this acid.

Macadamia oil is very effective in feeding and care of mature skin and reducing wrinkles.

They are also used for the treatment of sensitive and damaged skin, for example after exposure to the sun and tanning.

This is not a viscous oil (such as olive oil), but is rapidly absorbed into the skin without leaving a fat layer, and is often an integral part of the mixture which is used for cosmetic purposes.

Aromatic macadamia oil is very effective in complementary feeding and care of dry and chapped hair and scalp and is an essential component of the package and domestic masks for hair.

In combination with coconut oil and avocado pieces, provide to your hair and the crown of the head a complete treatment and recovery.

It works very quickly, but after the first application, you can get results – shiny, healthy and silky hair.

It can be absorbed almost immediately after application and does not grease the hair and scalp.

It can be used on dry hair, and it is particularly effective protection on your hair, it protects against drying, a drying time of hair can be reduced by up to 50%.

Macadamia oil contains a natural UV protection, and effectively prevents the harmful influence of solar radiation on the hair, stops chipping and cracking regions.

In addition, it extends the life of color in dyed hair and prevents the hair fades.

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