Miracle Beetroot Juice! Improve Your Blood Count!

Miracle Beetroot Juice

Whenever you like to improve your blood count just consume this miracle beetroot juice.

It is enough to consume it every month and you will have enough healthy blood cells.

If you feel exhaustion, or you feel decrepit, it’s time to check the blood count of your valuable body.

But, before you go to the doctor, you can try a natural way and natural ingredients.

There are a lot of different natural ingredients that can improve your blood count.

Beetroot is among the best natural ingredients that will improve your general condition, and also your blood count.

The miracle beetroot juice recipe

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 1 kg of fresh beetroot

– 1/2 kg of fresh carrots

– Juice of one fresh lemon

– 3 fresh oranges

– 2 fresh sour apples

– 1 jar of raw organic honey

Preparation of the miracle beetroot juice:

First of all, you need to wash and peel beetroots, carrots, and apples.

Then you need to cut them into small pieces and put in a juicer to squeeze the juice.

Also, you need to squeeze lemon and oranges and mix with the previous ingredients.

Finally, add one jar of raw organic honey.

The best honey for this miracle beetroot juice is meadow honey.

This meadow honey is more medicinal from others because it contains a diversity of plants.

Stir the mixture well until honey dissolves and also unite with the juice.

A number of oranges can be higher because you add them mainly for flavor and aroma.

Instead of oranges, you can add some other fruit to your taste.

The finished miracle beetroot juice, pour into glass bottles.

You can get about a liter and a half to two liters of a miracle beetroot juice, which is a sufficient amount for 15-20 days.

This healthy drink you need to consume every morning on an empty stomach.

Here you can find all health benefits of beetroot.

Enjoy your tasty and healthy juice.

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