Morning Banana Diet! Destroys 5 kg for a week!

Morning Banana Diet

Morning banana diet, which includes the start of the day with a banana and also a cup of warm water, is known as “morning banana” and is very simple.

It affects weight loss because bananas actually stimulate variance and accelerate metabolism.

Bananas are rich in starch that has a low glycemic index.

That means that it digests longer and also leaves a feeling of satiety longer time.

At the same time, banana simultaneously partially is blocking the absorption of carbon hydrates.

People who want to try this morning banana diet need to avoid dinner after 8 o’clock in the evening.

At the same time, they need to avoid dessert after dinner.

From other nutrition, you also need to avoid consumption of dairy products and alcohol.

In addition, the only other condition is for bananas to be fresh.

Do not bake them or froze them.

Therefore, your normal daily menu for morning banana diet should mean to follow tips from this article.

Morning banana diet recipe


– One or more bananas (until you feel that you are not hungry anymore)

– One cup of warm water


– A meal of your choice and a fresh salad

– You can have your candies and also desserts just until 3 o`clock in the afternoon if you feel hungry


– A meal that contains a lot of fresh vegetables

– At this time, you need also to skip the dessert

If you stick to the rules, nutritionists claim that you will take up to 5 pounds within a week.

All of the people that follow this morning banana diet confirm about weight loss and other health benefits.

At the same time, this healthy diet will improve your health and body condition.

If you are satisfied with the results, please share this article with your friends and also family members.


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