Mountain Dew! The Reasons Why You Should Stop Drink Immediately

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is one more carbonated soft drink that is owned and produced by PepsiCo.

It`s well-known worldwide consumed by children and adults, but not all of them know the reasons why they should stop drink this soda immediately.

Mountain Dew soda was invented in Tennessee and later in 1964 was sold to PepsiCo.

From that time, it starts the expansion of this famous drink.

Mountain Dew is one unhealthy beverage

The Reasons To Stop Drink Mountain Dew:

Dental Health Concerns

According to the dentists from Central Appalachia Mountain Dew is a primary culprit for the most of the dental problems in that area.

There is one condition called a mountain Dew Mouth that is widespread in this part of the country.

Teenagers were pulling their own teeth because of tooth pain and parents were putting the Mountain Dew in the baby bottles for their children

Note: A pH factor 7 is considered a normal neutral factor and everything that have less than 7 is considered acidic.

The beverages Gatorade, Coke, Red Bull, Diet Coke and 100% apple juice caused significant erosion that is showed by this study.


Do you know that a can is also dangerous for our health because is covered with BPA?

Otherwise, the acid from the Mountain Dew will react with the metal can.

BPA is a toxin that is causing infertility, altering pancreas beta cells, reproductive cancers, obesity, and is connected with thyroid dysfunction and cardiovascular disease.

BPA mimics estrogen and is connected with Polycystic ovary and increased miscarriage.

False Energy “Game Fuel”

Targeted Marketing – Millions of people are playing and involved in gaming communities.

Mountain Dew is using games for advertising their product such as “Game Fuel”.

Names of the games are also on the packaging to coincide with the great and key games such as Call of Duty.

On famous pageant contest, a lot of contestants are drinking a mix of Mountain Dew and Red Bull like special extra “energy” to win.

Diabetes, Obesity and Blood Sugar Issue

We have been given just one life to live and putting all that cans of Mountain Dew full with sugar inside our body can lead to heart disease or diabetes.

Memory Loss, Muscle Problems, Nerve Disorders and Skin Lesions

There is a nasty compound BVO-brominated vegetable oil that is lurking in pasta, baked goods and some soft drinks.

It is found also in Mountain Dew and this ingredient can cause ulcers, memory loss, muscle problems, nerve disorders and skin lesions.

This illness is called bromine poisoning.

Thyroid Burn Out

Bromine is destroying the thyroid by competing with iodine which is needed to make the thyroid hormones.

BVO Is Also Flame Retardants

BVO that is also found in flame retardants is banned in Japan and Europe but not in the USA.

GMO Ingredients

The corn and soybean oil that are used to make BVO definitely are from genetically modified plants.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is made also from GMO corn.

Mountain Dew contains more of genetically modified fructose corn and caffeine than any other soda.

Preservatives and Dye

Sodium benzoate, acid, BVO, GMO corn and soy are preservatives that react with vitamin C in Mountain Dew to create carcinogens.

Together with BPA and yellow dye they make one of the most dangerous and toxic things that we consume.

Alternatives to sports drinks and soda:

– Water

– Kombucha

– A refreshing green smoothie

– Lime or a fresh lemon with sparkling mineral water

– Lemonade from strawberry made with stevia

– Pure coconut water is an excellent drink for hot days or athletes with a perfect balance of electrolytes

– Pour the brew organic herbal tea over ice

Here is one sports drink just for you:

– Fresh lemon juice

– 12 oz of purified water

– Sweeten by your taste

– a bit of Real salt


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