Natural Remedy To cure Escherichia Coli In A Week!

Escherichia Coli

The efficiency of garlic in the treatment of bacteria Escherichia coli is without any questions.

The appearance of resistance to methicillin is clearly a global challenge.

Methicillin is a narrow range of antibiotics belonging to the penicillin group that fights infections.

Seeking an alternative, new, natural herbal antibiotics, economical, have become a challenge for global health.

Garlic is a natural remedy to treat Escherichia coli

Research also shows that we can use garlic as an effective antibacterial agent for pathogenic microorganisms – Escherichia coli.

The use of plants and their preparations for the treatment of infections is an old practice.

In addition, the garlic has a long tradition as a healthy vegetable that protects the body from pathogens.

Even Louis Pasteur also recognized the effectiveness of this amazing ingredient garlic as an antibiotic.

Several years later it was shown that the garlic has a similar effect and also acts as penicillin.

In addition, illness such as tuberculosis has been successfully treated with garlic because the Mycobacterium tuberculosis attacker is susceptible to several components of sulfur in the interior.

Garlic also reduces the level of bad cholesterol.

Escherichia coli is a bacterium that is naturally in our intestines and is very useful for the human body.

That is because this bacterium produces vitamin K and also some vitamin B complexes.

The problem begins when the bacterium is uncontrollably multiplied causing urinary tract infections and also gastrointestinal infections.

Garlic is an effective ingredient that kills infectious bacteria and, at the same time, protects the body from the poisoning that causes the infection.

Studies have confirmed that the garlic is almost effective as penicillin.

In addition, garlic revives our food and, at the same time people use it to treat diseases such as:

– Infections



– Also, many others dangerous diseases

The Folk medicine treats garlic as the world’s greatest miraculous vegetable.

Recipes for treating Escherichia coli

– 1. You can treat this bacterium with a garlic and wine

All you need is to buy:

– A liter of domestic wine

– Three big heads of garlic

– Also, three rosemary twigs

You need to cut garlic into small pieces and also put it in a bottle with wine.

Also, add three rosemary twigs and leave it for at least ten days, shaking the bottle every day.

Consumption of this garlic recipe is 40 days, one tablespoon before breakfast.

After 40 days, stop for a few days,

However, if the infection is still present, repeat all.

– 2. Fresh beverage from garlic

Another way to treat this bacterium is to prepare fresh beverage every day.

You need to prick garlic with a toothpick, pour with water and also leave it during the night.

In the morning you need to drink it before to eat and also drink something.

In addition, after drinking this beverage, do not eat and drink for two hours to be more effective.

Treatment lasts seven days, and if the infection does not calm down, you need to continue with the treatment.

– 3. Garlic and yogurt

You can also consume garlic mixed with yogurt.

It is necessary to consume three cloves of garlic.

Cut garlic into very small pieces.

Then mix them with yogurt and drink it during the day on several occasions.

In addition, with this recipe, you will destroy in a few days bacterium Escherichia coli.

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