What Do You Need To Know About Magnesium? Culprit For 7 Intolerable Symptoms!


Magnesium is directly responsible for the composition of protein, fat, carbon, which enable bone consistency, and helps absorption of calcium.

Although so important for the organism, this mineral is the most vulnerable microelement.

It is easily degradable.

In addition to this, it has been registered that in the last 100 years we have imported less and less of this mineral.

Before, only one daily meal contained the necessary quantities, and today it has only traces.

In the second plan is irregular diet (175 mg daily and 300-350 mg), fast food, stress influence, and also an intense lifestyle.

White bread and glazed rice that we use daily “suffer” from lack of magnesium.

In addition, if you add and orthophosphoric acid (one of the essential ingredients of all carbonated beverages), smoking, and alcohol – for magnesium there is no life.

Make sure you read the indicators and provide yourself with enough of this important element!

The symptoms of possible magnesium deficiency:

– If you have a frequent depression

– Anxiety, mood swings, and also irritability

– Awakening in the night with cramps in the legs, cramps

– Filling of dry throat

– Low blood pressure with an increased pulse

– Worries and fears

– Low tolerance to viral and bacterial infections

Look at the calendar.

If you are in the period between October and April, it means that magnesium breakdown has occurred.

It is a time when the level of this mineral in most of the people suddenly falls to a critical limit.

Those who use magnesium-based preparations are generally easily tolerating magnesium deficiency.

That is because the bioorganic magnesium salts do not disturb the stomach.

Also, the most common combination with vitamin B6 it penetrates into each cell and stays there.

It has the ability to transfer B6 from inactive to an active form and therefore keeps it in a true balance.

This essential mineral in cooperation with vitamin B6 helps reduce the PMS.

On that way, you don`t really feel the menstrual cycle.

In addition, it reduces the menopausal discomfort and improves the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular system.

Ask your friends and family if you know all about this mineral.

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