Nettle Homemade Juice! Strengthens And Cleanses The Blood, Restores The Body! (RECEPT)

Nettle Homemade Juice

Nettle homemade juice from nettle cleans the blood, gives strength to the body and also treats anemia.

In addition, this magical plant has been used for the treatment of numerous diseases since ancient times.

Nettle homemade juice, soup, medicinal tincture, tea, and also bath – are just some of the ways you can prepare a medicinal remedy from nettle.

Nettle homemade juice recipe

Ingredients that you need for this basic recipe

– 1 liter of boiled water

– Also, 400 grams of fresh, young leaves of nettle

– 7 lemons

– Also, 800 grams of brown sugar – instead of this you can also use natural sweetener Stevia

– 5 tablespoons of meadow natural honey

Preparation of the recipe:

First of all, you need to wash your nettle leaves well and also lemons.

Then put water in one bowl and also 5 lemons that you previously cut.

In addition, cover the bowl and let it stand for 24 hours.

The next day, grind all the ingredients, and also you need to strain the mixture.

In addition, you need to add brown sugar or natural sweetener and also freshly squeezed juice from the remaining 2 lemons.

Heat the mixture to boiling and also leave for 5 minutes to come in, with constant stirring.

In addition, if you notice foam during cooking, remove it from the surface.

Also, do not forget to put the natural honey at the end when the mixture cools down.

Keep the mixture in a jar in a cool and also dark place.

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