Okra Water Can Treat Asthma, Cholesterol, Diabetes And Kidney Disease! Recipe Inside! Must Read This!

Okra Water

Okra Water

Okra is miraculous and amazing plant and is one of the most nutritious on the list of vegetables.

Okra is also known in a lot of countries as “Bamia”, “Ladies` fingers”, “Bhindi”, “Okhro”, Bhendi” or “Gumbo” and is native to the north – east Africa.

However, Okra is cultivated all over the world where warm and tropical temperature regions exist.

Okra water is one small miracle drink for you

Okra is very rich in nutrients and one cup contains 2 grams of protein, 299 mg of potassium, 33 calories, about 80 micrograms of folic acid, 7.6 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of dietary fiber, 60 mg of magnesium, 21 mg of vitamin C and 0.2 grams of fat.

What`s more, Okra can be used through the entire year in fries, boiled and stewed form.

Some of the important and health benefits of Okra are:

– It boosts your immune system

– It alleviates asthma

– It reduces glucose that is absorbed from food

– It reduces cholesterol

– It prevents diabetes

– It prevents kidney disease

In addition, there is one more way to use benefits of this plant – through Okra water!

If you suffer or want prevent some of the diseases above you can very easily prepare Okra water for you.

How to prepare Okra water?

Ingredients you need for the recipe:

– 3 fresh okras

– 1 glass of fresh water

Preparation of the recipe:

It is very simple and easy way to do.

First, you need to cut the tails and heads of the okras and put them in one glass of fresh water.

Leave them to stay overnight.

Drink the Okra water in the morning on an empty stomach half an hour before you take your fist meal.

Please don`t forget to share this beneficial and healthy drink to all your friends and family.

Source: www.nutrition-and-you.com


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