ONION – Offers benefits in the kitchen but also in natural healing


Onion originating from the Asian continent originally grew wild as a wild plant, but not for long. Very soon, the inhabitants of this continent have realized that onion offers many benefits not only in the kitchen but also medicinal purposes.

So the onion back in ancient times moved to the gardens and took his place on the list of oldest foods and natural medicines.

It’s probably needless to say that the onion is really healthy food, without which many of the popular and tasty dishes around the world would not be what they are.

Onion contains a lot of useful substances from medicinal substances are the most important allicin and glycosides. Antibacterial and traditional medicine it usually recommended for the treatment of a cough.

How to prepare tea from an onion cough can see on our page of Cough.

In cases of colds and sinusitis, it`s recommended inhalation of fumes emitted by fresh chopped onion.

It`s true that we will little cry, but it is comforting to know that would be at the same time release of harmful microorganisms residing in the walls of the mucous membranes.

An interesting fact is that onion contains one type of plant hormone that is similar to insulin so that to some extent can exercise the regulation of blood sugar and is beneficial for diabetics.

Onion has similar characteristics like garlic

It contains vitamins C, B1, B2, E; various minerals (iron, calcium, potassium, sulfur …); rich in folic acid and it can be concluded that the positive effects on the body and strengthening the immune system.

Since it is conclusively proven and widely held opinion about the high medicinal powers of garlic, it is important to say that onion adorned very similar characteristics, which will mean especially those who do not like the taste and smell of garlic.

So, onion cleans the blood vessels, decrease high blood pressure, reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, stimulates circulation and all of this together has a beneficial effect on heart health.

Positively affects the digestive organs, improves work of bile, strengthens the stomach and intestines.

If the onion is consumed in the evening can eliminate a mild form of insomnia.

Additionally, onion acts as a diuretic (stimulates ejection of urine), especially in combination with parsley and celery.

Due to the fact that it has expressed antiseptic effect, for outdoor use folk medicine recommends applying fresh chopped onion for removing callus, warts, fungal infections and insect bites.

Like most healthy foods and onion is most beneficial for the body if consumed in fresh form.

One recipe of onion, parsley and celery to encourage urination

In 1 liter of water boil two onions, 200 gr. parsley and small celery (all previously cleaned and cut into pieces). This Juice you can strain, divided into four doses and drink during the day at regular intervals.