Oregano Is Not Only The Spice! It Has Proven Benefits For Our Health As A Cure!



Oregano is a wild Mediterranean herb that is considered as one of the most beneficial herbs for our health in the world.

Particularly is appreciated the oregano oil, which is produced by wild-type oregano through separate distillation to preserve all curative properties.

Use oregano as spice and healthy natural remedy

There are more than 40 species of this herb.

In cooking, usually, we use “Origanum vulgare”.

However, the most beneficial for our health is considered the oil from “Origanum Minutiflorum” which contains up to 90 percent of the active medicinal ingredient carvacrol.

In the last twenty years, we have witnessed a sudden increase in interest in natural medicine.

At the International Congress of Integral Medicine In Salzburg 2003, this herb was presented as a useful medicinal herb with various healing properties, which are increasingly exploring.

Today’s, increasingly popular oregano is used dried, grinded, in capsules, and in the form of oil which is applied to the skin or is eaten.

In folk medicine this herb is used as natural antibiotics for coughing, then the expansion of the bronchi and anticonvulsants, for sinusitis and especially chronic sore throat, nonspecific ear infections, bladder cancer, colds, viruses, flu and long-term problems with the nose.

Paul Sherman and Jennifer Billing of Cornell University in the state New York discovered that oregano kills 100 percent of the colonies of about thirty kinds of bacteria “in vitro” involving Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus Aureus and Bacillus anthracis.

There are studies that prove the effects of oregano in bacteria and other microorganisms.

American physician Harry Preuss from the University of Georgetown has experimentally has been proved that this herb has inhibitory effects on the growth of bacteria staphylococcus as much as the standard antibiotics on mice.

According to data from LEF – the Foundation for life extension has been proven that oil of oregano inhibits the growth of staphylococcus “in vitro” just like streptomycin, vancomycin and penicillin.

The same author later performed an experiment with Candida albicans and also proves that oregano has a positive effect on stopping their growth locally on the skin and in systemic infections.

This was confirmed in studies of others doctors included Dr. Cass Ingram and indicated that daily application of oregano – P73 can prevent candidiasis development.

The active ingredients in oregano that have effects to cure are called carvacrol, rosmarinic acid and thymol, and belong to the group of phenol.

Experiments from Greece showed that this herb kills bacteria and the septic water is sterilized.

Here is the list of oregano health benefits:

-1. Improve the immune health

-2. It has antibacterial, antifungal activity and can kill MRSA

-3. Major impact on the digestive system

-4. Heart health – omega-3 fatty acids

-5, Detoxify our body

-6. Bone health – protect from osteoporosis

-7. It`s increasing strength and energy

-8. Anti-inflammatory properties

-9. It`s protecting from cancer

-10. It helps with upper respiratory infection

So, next time when you have a chance to use oregano don`t think twice.

Use this herb as a spice in your food and get its natural health benefits.


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