Ovarian Cysts Can Be Very Dangerous!

Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian Cysts Can Be Very Dangerous!

A lot of women don`t know that they have or had sometimes ovarian cysts on their ovary.

That is because ovarian cyst usually doesn`t cause some big problems for woman health.

Of course, the word “cyst” can invoke a multitude of intimidating thoughts, ranging from the something with small to ovarian cancer.

At the same time, it is quite understandable that you will feel anxiety if you discover that you have an ovarian cyst.

However, doctors say that ovarian cysts are much more common and usually less dangerous nature.

All you need to know about Ovarian Cysts

There are great chances you had them

It is common for most women to develop at a monthly level, up to menopause.

Not all cysts are the same

There are two main types of ovarian cysts:

– Functional cysts, which occur regularly and which are common or normal

– Pathological cysts, that is abnormal

An ovarian cyst may develop due to other diseases affecting the ovaries, such as endometriosis.

However, the vast majority of ovarian cysts are functional.

Although the cysts in the ovaries sound frightening, they are usually harmless.

These “bags” that are with liquidity can form on the ovaries or in them and usually, disappear from themselves within one to three months.

They can affect fertility

This is because the ovaries tubes have a connection to the ovaries.

If the ovarian tube is “abnormal” the cyst can block the pathway of the egg cell and also prevent the woman to be pregnant.

You can have it, and also you do not even know it

Since most women do not know when they have cysts in their ovaries, most of them have no symptoms.

However, some women may feel dull or severe pain in the pelvic floor or pressure on the side of the cyst.

You can discover it during exercise

Women who have an ovarian cyst usually feel the pain during exercises and sexual activity, and the pain can spread to their feet.

However, a woman can observe that during ovulation and menstruation.

Other symptoms include flatulence of stomach, more or less urination than usual and even nausea and also vomiting.

The ovarian cysts a woman usually detect in the medical examination

Since ovarian cyst is a common occurrence, they are most commonly detected during a gynecological examination.

Sensitivity to a particular area is also usually a sign of a gynecologist that the cyst exists.

If this is the case, ultrasound examination is performed to determine the size and type of cyst.

Of course, women with persistent pain in the pelvic floor or lower back part should immediately visit a gynecologist, regardless of a regular review.

Medical treatment is not always necessary

Cysts in the ovaries usually you do not treat because in most cases you don`t know that you have them or they disappear by themselves.

However, if you have been screened to have a cyst in the ovaries, you will have to undergo a new review after a couple of weeks.

On that way, you will find out what the cyst is doing exactly.

When the cyst is cracking, severe pain can occur, although this is not always the case.

Some women choose a surgical intervention but a lot of women also choose natural treatments of the ovarian cyst.

If the cyst does not disappear after several months and also if you feel pain for more than a month there is the possibility of ovarian cancer.

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