Parsley! Stimulates The Secretion Of Fluids, Can Treat Heart Disease, Arthritis And Cancer!


Parsley (Latin name: Petroselinum crispum) is a Mediterranean herb and because of the bright green leaves often plays a major role in the decoration of food.

However, it is not just a decoration, but right herb worthy of attention.

In the first place, people know this herb that stimulates the excretion of fluids from the body.

Therefore, it is very beneficial to the health of the kidneys and all urinary tracts.

Parsley has shown excellent results at treatments of heart disease, arthritis, and cancer.

The root of Parsley acts as a diuretic and is used to treat various forms of dropsy (excessive accumulation of fluid in the body).

Traditional medicine of Parsley tea is recommended for gout, arthritis, for purifying urinary tracts, kidney problems, but also for the treatment of gastritis.

Since it is known that effectively washes bacteria from the urinary tract, it is good to come in the case of urinary organs and after prostate surgery for faster recovery.

This herb often enters into the composition of tea for the treatment of hepatitis and other complications caused by liver problems.

Parsley stimulates the secretion of fluids

Besides encouraging the secretion of fluids, encourages and secretion of salt in the body but affects the blood pressure reduction.

For similar reasons, it can help in the fight against obesity, increasing the elasticity of blood vessels which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease usual.

To prepare Parsley tea, you need root of this herb (about 15 grams) cut into cubes, put in 2 dl of boiling water and boil for about 5 minutes.

Decant only after 15 minutes and to be able to express all of their healing power is necessary to drink 2-3 cups a day.

Parsley leaves are an excellent source of vitamin C.

It is good to eat them in fresh form.

Excellent fit with soup, stew, boiled potatoes and many types of meat dishes.

The “greens” stimulates digestion, stimulates the excretion of toxic substances, refresh your breath so that effectively conceals even the smell of garlic.

Here is one old recipe to cure bacteria’s especially Escherichia coli. (NOT for VEGAN)


– 250gr root of parsley

– 300 gr honey

– lemons

– 1 cup of olive oil

Wash a root of parsley and grind together with lemon in a blender.

Add olive oil and honey and mix together for next 5 minutes.

The mixture needs to be stored in a glass jar!

Finally, here’s an interesting.

Some historians claim that the ancient Romans gave Parsley to their gladiators before the fight.

They believed that this plant gives strength, reflexes accelerates and enhances mental abilities, such as for example ingenuity.

Snacking seeds of parsley at the time was a common occurrence.