Plastic Rice is Spreading Across Asia – Be Careful What You Are Buying

Plastic Rice

Plastic Rice

First came artificial eggs from Asia – China and now it`s coming plastic rice that is exported to several countries in Asia.

WhatsApp together with Facebook social media platforms started to show the news about fake rice.

Plastic rice which you can find on Chinese market has found its way in different Asian countries including Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

It`s believed that this rice reached even Singapore.

Consumers are saying that this type of rice you can find in a many prominent brands.

After consumption of this type of rice, a lot of people have been reported that they have gastritis or another related stomach diseases.

Plastic rice – a new danger for our health

Consumers are also saying that is very difficult to recognize this type of plastic rice because it`s mixed together with packs of normal rice.

Health experts said that consuming fake rice which is coated with poisonous resin, seriously could damage our digestive system.

International Business Times said that his fake plastic rice is made by synthetic resin, mixing potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Plastic rice appears almost identical with natural rice and is circulating a long time on the market in Shaanxi and Taiyuan.

The Malaysian Agriculture together with Agro-based Industry Ministry are saying that they didn`t receive any reports about this fake grains and if this product has come into Malaysia most likely would be sold in the small shops instead in large supermarkets.

There is a way how to avoid to consume this plastic rice

Plastic rice is made by synthetic resin, mixing potatoes and sweet potatoes and its look like natural grains of normal rice.

It can be hardly recognized by a mere look.

However when you are cooking fake rice it will remain in hard and soup that is made by it is forming a plastic sheath.

If you put fire on this plastic sheath it will burn like plastic.



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