Prevent Body Poisoning With Pesticide In This Way! Annually We Put 5 Liters Of Poison Into The Body! (RECIPE)

Body Poisoning

No matter what we are trying to eat only fruits and vegetables, we are scared because we get a body poisoning with pesticides through these foods in the body.

When you go to a supermarket or a green market and buy fruits and vegetables, you certainly think you have bought good foods for you and your family.

That, however, is not always the case.

People and companies use pesticides in all countries all over the world.

One of the main “reasons” for the use of pesticides is the claim that the process of production will be slower and also that food prices will jump up if they cease to use them.

According to the latest statistics, Brazil is the first place for the use of pesticides.

According to the National Institute of Cancer, people also do body poisoning through the normal living.

The average adult consumes about five liters of pesticides annually.

These are really shocking results.

The second study conducted by a group of researchers in 2015 has come to the conclusion that almost 70% of the fresh foods in that country are infected with these poisons.

The good thing is that there are methods to eliminate some of these toxins.

One of these methods was developed by famous Brazilian cardiologist and nutritionist Dr. Lair Ribero.

All you have to do is follow the simple instructions and avoid body poisoning.

Recipe to prevent body poisoning

Required Ingredients for the recipe:

– 1 liter of fresh water

– 5ml of iodine

Preparation of the recipe:

First of all, rinse the vegetables with the running water from the faucet.

Then add 5ml of iodine in 1l of water and put all the vegetables into that mixture.

Cover the vegetables that are in the bowl with fresh water and let it stand for an hour.


Leave the bowl in a dark place because the lack of light will prevent the oxidation of iodine.

After an hour you can take the vegetables out of the water.

Rinse them fresh water from the faucet.

That’s all.

Your vegetables are now ready for you to eat them and contain no pesticides.

You need to know that long-term consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain high levels of chemicals and pesticides can harm your health.

The most common side effects of pesticides can range and cause different diseases.

It can be from headaches and allergies to genital malformations and several types of cancers.

For this reason, it is extremely important to protect your family from this hidden danger nad body poisoning.

The best solution for you is to grow your own fruits and vegetables.

You would know that you eat healthy and organic food without any pesticides or chemicals.

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