Prevent Disease! 5 Parts Of The Body That Should Not Be Touched By Hands!

Prevent Disease

Prevent Disease

Palms and fingers are touching various surfaces in the environment that surround you.

Whenever you touch something, you can expose your health to danger.

Numerous studies have confirmed that the arms are the most common carriers of the bacteria, even when regularly wash hands.

Prevent disease whenever you can

The possibility of infection is increased if you wear jewelry or have long fingernails.

These are the body parts that should be touched by hands, at least not in everyday situations.

If you avoid touching particularly parts of your body you can sometimes prevent disease and be healthier.

 Don`t Touch These Parts To Prevent Disease

-1. Facial Skin

Touching your face with your fingers should be limited to the morning washing, applying creams and makeup.

Whenever you are doing so, make sure that your hands are clean.

When touching dirty surfaces, and then touching your own face, you risk dangerous skin diseases and infections.

-2. Earlobe

The skin in this part of the body is very thin and prone to inflammation and pushing the fingers or any other objects in the earlobe endanger the health of the ear canal.

If you experience itching in the ears, consult a doctor rather than trying to fix the situation by yourself.

-3. Eyes

Contact with the eyes is allowed only in exceptional situations.

Those situations are when you are putting contact lenses or removing a piece of dirt.

Contact with the eyes can cause redness or any serious infection, and if you suffer from dry eyes or itching, you should see a doctor.

-4.  Oral Cavity

A recent British study found that people put the fingers in a mouth more than 20 times in one hour when they are bored at work.

A study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology found that a third of all infections in the body conveys exactly this way.

-5. The Area Under The Nail

Experts advise that you should have as short as you need nails because the skin below your nail is a very sensitive and a “pocket” for keeping dangerous bacteria from the environment.

The risk is higher if you do not regularly clean this part of your finger.


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