How To Prevent, Recognize And Treat Vaginal Infections In A Natural Way!

Vaginal Infections

Vaginal Infections

The most usual causes of vaginal infections are Candida, antibiotics, carbohydrates and alcohol, but herbal treatment and St. John’s Wort oil can easily solve the problem.

Vaginal yeast infection is a persistent health problem that affects large numbers of women, and occurs as a result of the use of antibiotics, wearing wet swimwear for the summer and use aggressive ingredients for intimate care.

The most common cause of infection is Candida, a type of fungus that causes infections of the skin, nails, vaginal inflammation in the urinary tract, digestive problems and fatigue.

Prevent and treat vaginal infections in a natural way

Symptoms of vaginal infections (fungal infections) are itching, unpleasant feeling, thick and abundant white discharge, redness and swelling of the mucous membrane.

These vaginal infections affect more than 75 percent of women during their lives.

What contributes to the development of fungi?

-1. Taking antibiotics that disrupt the balance between good and bad bacteria and pH value of the mucous membrane contributes to the development of fungi

-2. A diet rich in carbohydrates, which are food for fungi

-3. Consuming a large quantity of alcohol – during the digestion is converted to sugar and is feeding yeast

-4. Stressful life and insufficient amount of sleep

-5. Wearing a wet bathing suit – the fungus in humid environments is reproducing quicker

-6. Irregular diet and consuming too many acidic foods

-7. Wearing too tight clothing – trousers and thong panties, in which the body does not breathe

-8. Daily use of panties and tampons

-9. Pregnancy and Diabetes

-10. Washing panties at a temperature lower than 60 degrees

Fortunately, there are natural remedies to solve this kind of problem.

Here are the best:

Two to three vaginal infections in a year is not a cause for concern, but if they occur more often, then natural remedies are not sufficient to aid and you need to visit a doctor.

The doctor will determine the cause of weak immunity.

Increased consumption of garlic is a natural and good medicine against bacteria and fungi, due to oils, vitamins and sulfur glycoside.

Garlic may be placed directly into the vagina.

You need to peel the clove of garlic, wrap in clean gauzes, such as tampons, and then place within the vagina.

Make sure that the part of the gauze remains outside the vagina, so that you can more easily take out.

If there is a feeling of intense burning, remove the garlic.

Therapy should be carried out until the symptoms are resolved.

Yogurt and various probiotics are allies of good bacteria and therefore enemies of fungi.

When you have fungi, you need to drink about half a liter of yogurt a day.

It can reduce the itching and redness if you apply the yogurt directly to the affected mucosa.

Keep the yogurt about ten minutes on the affected mucosa and then rinse with water.

Use this recipe to treat persistent fungus.

The essential oil of St. John’s Wort, or St. John’s oil and tea can suppress the harmful fungus, but you must carefully choose the quantity and quality of oil to avoid some allergic reactions.

A few drops of specialized oil you can put on a tampon and put into the vagina.

An even simpler solution is herbal suppositories which can be purchased in pharmacies.

Baking soda surely encourages an alkaline state of the body, in which the fungus is more difficult to reproduce.

You can prepare a mixture of 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 2 l of boiled water and rinse daily for one month (except during menstruation).

Clean natural St. John’s Wort oil is very successful in the long-term treatment of fungus.

Put a small quantity of oil on the saucer and soak little a tampon.

Change the tampon and repeat treatment until your symptoms have disappeared.


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