Red Alert! Here`s How To Spot Chemical Laden and Harmful Bleach Garlic From China!

Garlic From China

Garlic From China

Undoubtedly, a lot of you are not aware of the origin of the garlic you buy for your everyday use.

The garlic you buy in the stores, or it`s put in the meal in restaurants can be garlic from China.

The newest reports show the USA is importing almost one – third of the garlic from China in the year 2014 (this amount is about 65, 000 tons!).

This is not a problematic question, but did you know that some of the garlic from China are toxic?

Garlic from China is dangerous for our health

The quality control of every country has been always a problem of great concern.

Actually, the bad thing of this garlic from China is the way and how it`s being cultivated.

In China, a lot of farmers and producers of vegetables are using forbidden pesticides by the law in order to increase the quantity and boost their production.

They use extremely toxic pesticides and elements and some of them are parathion and phorate.

These two elements are very dangerous and can seriously be harmful to our health.

Both parathion and phorate have been labeled as HIGHLY TOXIC POISONS.

In general, you should pay always attention whenever you buy garlic from China.

How to recognize the garlic from China?

-1. Chinese producers usually remove stem and roots to decrease weight and make save on shipping.

If stem and roots are not removed that garlic should be safe.

-2. Chinese garlic is less bulbous and is lighter than the regular one.

-3. Home- grown garlic or garlic indoors is richer in taste than the garlic which is produced in China.

All of you know about endless health benefits of the amazing garlic.

The best way to use those health benefits is to consume garlic which is natural and without pesticides.

Here you can learn how to grow an endless supply of this powerful antibiotic.


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