Rice Spoils For An Hour After Cooking! You Can Easily Poison Yourself!


Rice is one of the most common dishes along with meals.

Rice is one of those foods that we can easily cook in one day more than we need and then eat it again next day with something else.

The taste on the next day will also be delighted.

Of course, it will stay same as opposed to, for example, French fries.

However, what most people do not know is that this ingredient is highly susceptible to break down!

If you cook rice – use it the same day

It has nothing to do with the way you prepare and heat this ingredient.

That is directly related to the way you keep it.

The raw rice has Bacillus cereus microorganisms.

This is a gram-positive, beta hemolytic bacterium that you can commonly find in the food and also soil.

In addition, this bacterium can grow very rapidly.

They can cause food poisoning, even if the rice is cooked.

The problem arises when you place this well-known ingredient at room temperature.

In that case, the spores grow up and grow into bacteria that can cause poisoning.

The longer this ingredient stands at room temperature, the higher is the concentration of bacteria.

At the same time, it is greater chance to get a food poisoning.

To avoid such a situation, do not leave the cooked ingredient at room temperature for more than an hour.

After cooking rice and eating you need to put it in the fridge.

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