ROSE HIP – A small miracle gift from nature

Rose Hip

Rose Hip
Curative of Rose hip (Rosa canina) or wild roses in folk medicine has been known since ancient times.

Rose hip was reckoned among the most precious plants as abundant large amounts of vitamins, minerals, organic acids and other biologically active substances.

Pharmacologist emphasized the healing properties due to the huge amount of vitamin C, vitamin B2, P, K, vitamin A, citric acid, malic acid, lycopene, carotene, pectin, selenium, manganese. sodium, tannins, flavonoids, lemon and apple acid, pectin, sugar and essential oils.

It is a plant that has the shape of a very thorny bush and can grow to a height of 2 meters.

In herbal medicine is used fresh or dried fruits of this plant, which are red-orange color.

When the rose hip is harvested fruit should be firm and slightly immature.

Rose hip begins to form in the spring after successful pollination and matures on the end of the year.

It is best to be harvested in September and October in nice and dry weather and used fresh or dried.

Despised and unripe rose hip contains much less useful substances and should, therefore, be picked only hard fruits with the red-orange color.

Rose hip is one of the most precious plants

The fruit contains carbohydrates, protein and fiber, and is known to improve the immune system, cleanse the kidneys and stimulates the urination, helps with pain in the stomach to stop internal bleeding and reduces bleeding in a menstrual cycle.

It`s good in vitamin deficiencies, improves circulation and purifies the blood.

Beverage of rose hip is especially recommended for nursing mothers because vitamin C passes into the milk and the baby seems healthier and more resistant.

Rose hip is beneficial in case of gastritis, diarrhea, particularly as a preventive treatment in deficiency disease.

People who are prone to sand in the kidney are recommended to drink a rose hip tea.

This medicinal fruit reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

Rose hip has a beneficial effect on the digestive organs, stimulates urine excretion, prevents the formation of kidney stones and urinary tract.

It is used in inflammatory processes of kidneys and bladder, but it can help in the treatment of hemorrhoids, diarrhea and stomach cramps.

If you like to remove your extra fat and cleanse your body juice from the rose hip is a drink for you.

The juice and seeds from the rose hip has a lot of antioxidants and can help against prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Drinking juice or eating fruit can make slower growing and prevent some types of breast cancer.

It can normalize blood pressure, prevent and help against dental plaque.

Drinking a rose hip is effective against impotence, it make good balances to the women`s estrogen levels.

Especially is recommended like a part of a diet for better using of antioxidants and is a proven for people who have asthma.

In Chinese medicine, rose hip is used to treat kidney and urinary tract while traditional Indian medicine used for mental recovery.


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  1. how do i process the bulb from my rose bush to create a form of rose hip that is edible and safe for consumption ?

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