ROSELLE – Summer refreshment


Botanists have so far known more than 200 species of hibiscus with colorful beautiful flowers and our story is related to hibiscus with name Roselle.

The botanical name of Roselle is “Hibiscus sabdariffa” and his flowers are bright red color.

From Roselle is preparing delicious drink ideal for areas with hot climates.

It is very popular in many African countries, but also for our tea, Roselle is great summer refreshment.

As for the healing properties of Roselle on us in the first place can serve as an antioxidant and improve cardiovascular health.

Then, acting diuretic and stimulates the excretion of uric acid in the urine.

Roselle tea has a beneficial influence on certain metabolic processes in the body because it reduces blood glucose and total cholesterol in the blood, which in turn provides protection against atherosclerosis.

The trials proved that this red drink lowers blood pressure in people who have a mild form of hypertension.

Here’s good news for diabetics: there are scientific claims that hibiscus tea can have a positive effect on the lipid profile in patients with diabetes 2 type.

Roselle is ideal refreshment for hot days

Roselle is otherwise in the countries of origin of this plant, such as India and China, traditionally used as a means to treat fever and liver problems.

It can help you in relief from menstrual pain and cramps.

It contains minerals and vitamins like flavonoids and they have antidepressant properties.

Some research studies are suggesting that Roselle extract lowers the absorption of glucose and starch which can help with weight loss.

However, according to current knowledge, Roselle has slightly medicinal effect, and cannot confidently recommend a standard treatment of any health problem.

However, given that it contains a number of drug substances (including vitamin C and anthocyanins, which slows down aging of the brain), regular use of hibiscus tea can bring some slight health benefits.

For now, the greatest pleasure from Roselle comes to the refreshment in the hot summer days.

Roselle tea is then drunk as a cold refreshing drink and even with ice cubes.

It can be prepared with boiling water like any other tea.

If you are preparing with cold water you just need to leave Roselle to stay in the water a few hours or overnight.

Chilled Roselle tea is excellent for hydrating the body, refreshes and relieves a general feeling of heat.

In various parts of the world in the use of various types of hibiscus, as well as traditional teas, but without sufficient knowledge of their characteristics, be careful and only consume tea, Roselle-hibiscus sabdariffa plant, because some types of hibiscus can have a toxic effect and cause harmful effects.

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