Smokers, Please Read! Here Is What Will Happen 20 Minutes After You Turn Off The Cigarette!


For smokers who are doing an impossible mission to quit smoking, let this text be a wind in the back and also to do something for their health.

Smokers are aware of how hard it is to make a decision about quitting to smoke.

In addition, it is even harder to stay consistent and never ignite the cigarette.

A recent study has also shown that smokers do not know that adding sugar to tobacco increases the number of toxins in smoke from cigarettes.

Cigarettes contain natural and also additional sugars that reduce the bitter taste of cigarettes.

That makes their smoke easier to inhale.

However, at the same time, that increases the number of harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke.

In addition, those harmful chemicals make dependence for smokers.

Here’s what’s happening in your body after you smoke your last cigarette.

Smokers read these below

20 minutes

20 minutes after the last cigarette, your body will normalize blood pressure and also heart rate is normal.

8 hours

8 hours after the last cigarette, the level of oxygen in the body will also normalize.

In addition, it begins to decrease the level of carbon monoxide and nicotine.

48 hours

48 hours after the last cigarette, the body has removed most of the carbon monoxide.

At the same time, the lungs are beginning to be cleansed of toxins.

The essence of smell and also the taste becomes more intense.

72 hours

72 hours after the last cigarette, you do not have the breathing difficulties as active smokers.

In addition, it is increasing the energy level in the body.

3 to 9 months

3 to 9 months after the last cigarette, the lung function is also much better.

1 year

1 year after the last cigarette, the risk of stroke is reduced by half in relation to other smokers.

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