Stem Cells Regeneration! Only Two Times A Week, Feed Yourself Like This – You Will Reduce Your Appetite And Suppress The Buildup Of Fat!

Stem Cells Regeneration

Short-term starvation (24 hours) restores the ability of stem cells regeneration, both for young and also old.

In addition, when we age, our stem cells (from which all our cells are formed) reduce their ability to regenerate.

The latest study with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT in the United States shows those fatty acids in mice that starve, instead of glucose (which is also not present due to starvation) are breaking down.

In doing so, the body releases a molecule that stimulates stem cells regeneration.

For decades, it is known that low-calorie intake is a predictor of longevity, both in humans and also in animals.

However, the exact mechanism was also not known.

Nowadays, we know that is changes in metabolism, which involves switching from the use of carbohydrates to fat (this is also the basis of a Ketogenic diet).

In addition, this change leads to the activation of transcriptional factors known as PPAR, which activate a number of other genes.

Also, it is fascinating in this study that, using molecules of very similar PPARs, they could have the same effect (without using the diet).

In addition, by activating this metabolic path, the effect of the reversal of changes arising from aging has also been achieved.

This also opens up interesting therapeutic possibilities, giving molecules to people who are on chemotherapy.

They have a weak immune system and with these molecules, they also stimulate the immune system.

In addition, at people hunger is undesirable and also dangerous.

Stem cells regeneration through starvation

The Ketogenic diet has been applied since 1920 in the treatment and also improvement of health.

However, in recent years, medicine has also begun to take it seriously.

With a Ketogenic diet, it’s not that important how much calories you eat, but also what type of food we use.

It also means to reduce carbohydrate intake, with increased intake of “good” fat.

In addition, we want to point out that the full reduction of carbohydrates is also not desirable.

In recent years, great attention has been paid to hormone liver called fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21). is also produced when the blood sugar level is either very high or very low.

In addition, it also proved to be a powerful immune system stimulus in an adult.

Also, it stimulates the formation of T lymphocytes, key cells in the defense of the organism.

It also reduces appetite, suppresses accumulation of fat in the body.

In addition, there are studies showing that it has also a protective effect on the cardiovascular system.

Paradoxically, the level of the hormone increases as long as it is prolonged by hunger (seven days) and also when entering a meal rich in carbohydrates.

To summarize everything stated

Among other things you also need to eat foods based on Ketogenic principles over a week.

Also, try to bring in a small number of calories two days a week (about 500 calories per day are recommended).

In addition, on the next day, take one meal rich in carbohydrates.

This will combine good effects of Ketogenic diet, starvation, increased secretion of FGF 21 after carbohydrate intake and also stem cells regeneration.

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