Things You Need To Know About Menstrual Cramps And Cramps Before The Period!

Menstrual Cramps

A study from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that about 1 in 10 girls had symptoms of menstrual cramps before the period and severe abdominal pain.

This usually lasts 1-3 days per month; even some people are 3-5 days.

So what is the abdominal pain and cramps before the period, is it so serious that we have to ask the doctors?

Let’s find out with us through the article below.

Abdominal pain – menstrual cramps during menstruation

Abdominal pain during the menstrual period is a continuous pain, and there is some pressure on the lower abdomen.

The pain of varying degrees of severity, which appears in every girl is different.

Many people experience symptoms of severe pain or frequent cramps before the period and during menstruation.

These symptoms are also accompanied by nausea, diarrhea, or body aches.

There are two types of common dysmenorrhea:

Primary dysmenorrhea is mainly caused by the body producing prostaglandin normally.

This usually happens to girls who have had first menstrual periods, or new ones several times.

Its symptoms will gradually decrease and disappear after a while when the girl has a stable menstrual cycle.

Menstrual cramps: it is the appearance of pain, cramps in the lower abdomen.

It has the same symptoms as the Primary dysmenorrhea.

However, the cause of this symptom is contractions of the uterus, or problem from the ovaries, or fallopian tubes, rather than producing prostaglandin normally.

Menstrual Cramps 1

Causes of menstrual cramps during menstruation?

Cramps before the period and cramps during menstrual are caused by regular contractions of the uterus.

The duration of cramps is very difficult to determine, as it can come at any time.

The contraction of the uterus with strong intensity during menstruation sometimes causes cramps and pain in girls.

Uterine contractions caused by prostaglandin production.

Prostaglandin is a natural substance of the body, causing cervical mucus in menstruation.

Uterine contractions make the blood supply to the uterus temporarily slow, taking oxygen from the muscles of the uterus and causing pain.

When should you go to the doctor?

Call your doctor if:

When you experience pain during menstruation or have cramps before the period with severity.

There may be plenty of advice for free prescriptions such as ibuprofen, but after the use, the symptoms do not decrease.

The reason is that many girls with cause cramping and pain are unlike others.

So the application of free prescriptions is quite insecure.

Your pelvic pain is on a regular basis, even if you have not had your menstrual period.

This is a manifestation of a disease or problem with your body.

When you have cramps before the period, and during menstruation, symptoms accompany high fever, vomiting, or some unusual behavior.

You have pelvic pain, ongoing abdominal pain, or other abnormalities such as the uterus.

Then you need to pay close attention and seek medical attention if you do not have pain relief.

Remember, a specialist or health care provider can always help you feel better.

If you do not need to have an urgent visit, you can call and answer the questions your physician makes over the phone to know about your condition.


Reproductive health is always the most important concern for girls, especially during menstruation.

Having a few menstrual periods every month makes girls feel very tired and uncomfortable.

Not only stop there, but the possibility of gynecological diseases is also quite high, this makes women constantly seek medical care solutions often.

Careful information about the symptoms, as well as the cases that may occur during menstruation, is essential.

A pain in the lower abdomen, or cramps before the period and abnormal during menstrual may always be a risk for any girlfriend.



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