This Is Why You Should Never Drink Iced Water!

Iced Water

Iced Water

Never order iced water when you are eating out in some restaurants.

There are several reasons why iced water shouldn`t be drunk.

Here is one simple example for you.

Imagine what will happen to your skin and body if you dive in beautiful mountain lake whose ice layer from the top has just defrosted?

You know that outside temperature is pleasant but at the same time, the water of the lake will be extremely cold.

Iced water is dangerous for our body

All pores on your skin will open and your skin becomes loose in the contact with warm water.

On the other side, when your skin will get in touch with iced water the skin and pores will constrict.

Iced water is doing the same to your digestive system when you consume it.

Consequences of drinking iced water

-1. Iced water is shrinking your blood vessels in your digestive tract.

Your digestive system will become restricted and there is no hydration.

-2. When you drink iced water your body spends a lot of energy to regulate that temperature.

Therefore, your digestive tract hasn`t enough energy to digest the food you consume and absorb the nutrients.

-3. When you drink water with ice after eating is created excess mucus inside your body.

This is disturbing the proper function of your immune system.

On that way, you can increase chances to catch a cold and you will increase chances to catch some other diseases.

-4. When you drink iced beverages or water while you are after eating or after eating it`s funny, but you make yourself fat.

When you change of temperature in your digestive tract with the iced drink that you consume, your body hasn`t the same ability to digest the unnecessary fats and they will remain in your body.

Finally, your digestive system should always work as easy as possible.

Therefore, you shouldn`t overload your digestive system with unnecessary work.

However, there are some health benefits if you drink cold water or warm water.

Those benefits we have already written on our pages before.

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