This is Why Your Children Should NOT Eat Hot Dog

Hot Dog

Hot Dog

I remembered the days when I was eating and I loved a hot dog.

Even my mother was making at home for me.

I am convinced that a lot of children love a hot dog.

They are perfect and with various additions such as cheese, baked beans, mayonnaise, etc.

It`s well known fast food and you can take it with you everywhere.

Just for the Fourth of July 155 million of hot dogs are consumed in America every year.

This is one of the favorite fast food in America.

Did you know that eating a hot dog is dangerous?

However, there are terrific facts about children that eat this food.

If they eat more than 12 hot dogs per month, it`s 9 times more possibility that they will develop childhood leukemia.

It`s also a double risk of developing a brain tumor for pregnant women if they eat at least even one hot dog per week.

It`s same for children if a father ate a hot dog become conception.

Nitrates inside hot dog form carcinogens.

The industry is using nitrates to preserve a hot dog.

Nitrates can combine with an amine in our body and form Nitrosamine compounds and most of these compounds are carcinogenic.

They are linked with bladder, urinary, stomach, esophagus, cavity and brain cancers.

It has been discovered that children that consume more than one hot dog per week have a higher risk to get a brain cancer.

There are also nitrates in vegetables but is proved to be beneficial to reduce effects of these cancers.

A lot of vegetables contain vitamin C and vitamin D which stop the growth of cancers.

If you like to protect yourself and children from a hot dog, you need to follow these tips:

-Don`t eat more that 12 hot dogs in one month

– Consume nitrate free hot dog

-Put request at the school cafeteria to don`t serve to serve nitrate free hot dog

– Write to the FDA and ask nitrate labeled hot dog need to be labeled and that are a cancer risk for children.


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