Tooth Pain Will Disappear In A Flash! The Best Natural Remedy For You

Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is an unpleasant pain that nobody likes to have it.

When people have a tooth pain, usually they are running for a conventional medicine like Orajel or Anbesol.

These conventional medicaments contain ingredient benzocaine which is an anesthetic.

Do you know that benzocaine can cause allergic reactions and some other effects for some people?

There is also natural ways to treat the tooth pain and they are always near you, but you are not aware.

The studies show that tooth pain can be successfully treated with clove oil.

Tooth pain can be treated with clove oil

Clove essential oil is one of the famous natural medicines that are used for treating tooth pain.

People use this essential oil for centuries when they have an oral pain.

When you apply clove essential oil, it works and is effectively numbing the area.

These topical numbing agents will temporarily deaden your nerve endings.

On that way, you will lose sensation in your afflicted area – tooth pain.

Journal of Density published in 2006 a study that clove essential oil has same results as benzocaine and is helping if you have chronic tooth pain or toothaches.

Eugenol is the main chemical compound at this essential oil.

It will promote our blood circulation and our cardiovascular health.

Clove is a powerful and amazing antioxidant which strengthens our immune system and is destroying free radicals.

Clove is a very rich source of manganese.

It`s vital for our metabolism, promotes bone strength in our body and it contributes the enzymes.

Here is the way how to prepare and use this natural remedy for your tooth pain:

You need to mix half teaspoon of coconut oil and 2 drops of clove and soak a cotton ball in that mixture.

Place and hold a soaked cotton ball in the mouth against your sore tooth.

Once when your pain has eased, discard the cotton ball from your mouth.

NOTE: Don`t use this treatment when you are in the bed during the night because is a choking hazard.

The other way to ease this toothache is to use the whole clove.

You need to place few cloves near affected area and keep them for several minutes.

When they become soft, chew them with your tooth that is hurting.



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