Unbelievable Discovery Of Swiss Doctors! Turning Cancer Cells Into Fat Cells, Stopping Metastases And Spreading The Disease!

Cancer Cells

Swiss scientists say that cancer cells can react quickly and also adapt to changes in the environment.

At the same time, in this case, they can transform into a different type of cells!

This is an experiment on mice that Swiss scientists from the University of Basel have turned breast cancer cells into fatty cells.

Moreover, they stopped the development of metastases and the spread of the disease by the body of mice.

Something new about cancer cells!

Swiss scientists also explain that cancer cells can, in some ways, be deceived.

In addition, they gave to mice a combination of medicaments for diabetes type 2 and skin cancer.

This has enabled them to activate tumor cell transformation and also their transformation into fat.

They note that the cancer cell can react quickly and also adapt to changes in the environment, in this case, transform into a different type of cell.

The study was also published in a professional journal Cancer Cell.

There you can read that cancer cell plasticity facilitates the evolution of resistance to some therapy and also malignancy progression of differentiation.

MET – the mesenchymal-epithelium transition is known that is increasing cellular plasticity.

Plasticity of dangerous cell carcinoma can be therapeutically utilized by forcing trans-differentiation of breast cancer cells implanted on EMT in post-mitotic and also functional adipocytes.

That was also an explanation by a professor of biochemistry Gerhard Christofori.

Transformation of cancer cells

Gerhard Christoferi adds that, apart from turning and also transforming dangerous cells into fat, at the same time, they stopped reproducing.

In addition, the professor says that by his experience known on the basis of longer experimentation, the fatty cells should not be reverted to tumors.

The next goal of scientists is to try to apply this method to women that have breast cancer.

They will try that while tumor cells are still in a rather plastic, changeable state.

They also note that both medicaments FDA approved.

Both medicaments used in experiments on laboratory mice could also soon be applied in some clinical applications.

In addition, Swiss scientists believe that this method is good for other types of cancer cells.

However, we need to wait a bit longer.

Source: www.cell.com

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