Wash Foods Before You Eat!

Wash Foods

There is for sure one good habit that you need to have – wash foods!

On the list for wash foods, there are those that you certainly wash.

However, on the list for wash foods, there are also those you have not been washed before or preparing food until now.

With washing your foods you will have more protection from a nowadays way of growing and preparing foods in the modern industry.

Wash foods is preventing diseases

– 1. Fruits and vegetables with edible skin

The fruits and vegetables with edible skin seem to be completely clean and shiny.

At the same time, that does not mean you do not have to wash it.

It is imperative to place it under a strong water jet (squirt) and also rub them with your hands well.

Industrial fruit and vegetables are preferred to peel before consumption, according to the recommendations of the experts.

On the other hand, homemade fruits clear from pesticides you do not have to peel.

In addition, you just have to wash it.

– 2. Certain groceries in cans

Foods such as canned tuna cannot be washed without destroying.

However, you can rinse foods such as canned peas, corn, garlic, and other processed vegetables.

– 3. Fruits and vegetables with inedible skin

You need to know that all fruits and vegetables, edible or inedible, you need to wash before prepare or consume it

– 4. Nuts

If you ask people if they wash nuts, they will respond negatively to you.

However, keep in mind that you cannot know for sure where they were stored during transport and pre-packing.

That is also one reason why we should wash it before consumption.

You only wash foods that you eat or use to prepare your meals.

– 5. Dried fruits

Did you know also that dried fruits are considered to be one of the dirtiest foods?

Therefore, you must wash it before consumption.

The experts will advise you to put it in the water for several hours.

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Source: www.eatright.org




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