What Should Your Blood Pressure Be According To Your Age?

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Regulating the blood pressure can become a true virtue unless you are unable to do so and you are older.

In that case, this is sometimes impossible and pretty harmful.

That has been showed in one study where 2,000 seniors were involved.

The results that were published online by the Archives of Internal Medicine actually surprised all people all over the world.

Blood pressure needs to be checked regularly

If you have a high blood pressure you don`t have place and time for mistakes.

Hypertension is a great life threat for any human being.

Hypertension affects your vital functions of the kidneys, arteries and the body in general.

This condition can cause kidney failure, heart failure, stroke, heart attack and some other dangerous health problems.

This is why a lot of doctors decide to take aggressive therapies when they discover that you have hypertension.

Same as other health issues, a specific method cannot always be applied to everyone.

There is a different way of treating 40-year-old men and 70-year-old men.

Those different ways are because the therapy of the 1st group doesn`t correspond in the same way to the individuals in the 2nd group.

How is hypertension diagnosed?

The healthcare people require an exact and correct picture of the person`s blood pressure and take a note how all things develop over time.

This process starts from the age of 20.

It`s recommended by The American Heart Association that young people should screen the pressure at the regular health care visit – every 2 years.

This applies to people whose blood pressure is fewer than 120 / 80 mm Hg.

Blood Pressure Chart

Unfortunately, about one in third adults from the USA suffers from blood pressure!

When the patient has high blood pressure doctor will make more checks and readings over time.

Sometimes, patient`s are advised to check a pressure at their homes.

In case, your pressure is 140 / 90 mm Hg or higher than your doctor will start a treatment program.

This program requires dietary and lifestyle changes and even some drugs fo people with high blood pressure.

If your pressure is 180 / 110 mm Hg of higher, rest for a few minutes and check the blood pressure again.

If it`s still same value you need to seek immediately for medical help.

You may need an emergency treatment for your condition – hypertension.

Always you need to prevent the blood pressure from going high and protect your health.

On that way, you will improve your overall body health.

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