Wheat Sprouts Recipe! Natural Recipe Against Cancer Which Has Cured Thousands of People

Wheat Sprouts Recipe


Dr. H.Mermerski has disclosed an amazing natural remedy.

This natural remedy is proved to be very successful in the treatment of a lot of diseases, including even cancer.

On his lectures, he was saying that with that natural remedy – wheat sprouts include inside was healing thousands of people.

Wheat sprouts recipe is finally disclosed

This amazing recipe with wheat sprouts is working excellent on the whole our organism and these are just some of its healing benefits:

– It`s restoring our immunity system

– It`s treating our heart

– This recipe cleaning the blood vessels

– It`s cleaning our kidneys (excretion from the entire system)

– It`s cleaning the liver

– This recipe improving our memory and brain

– It`s purifying our digestive system from pathogenic microorganisms

– This recipe healing inflamed joints

– It`s protecting us from heart attack and is healing survivors

– This recipe regulating our weight

– It`s excellent in preventing all types of tumor and is treating cancer

Wheat sprouts recipe is a powerful natural remedy

Ingredients for the wheat sprouts recipe

– 400 grams of wheat sprouts

– 12 whole bulbs of garlic (all garlic head not just cloves)

– 15 fresh lemons (preferably they are not sprayed)

– 400 grams of fresh walnut fruits

– 1 kg. natural honey

Preparation of wheat sprouts recipe

First for the preparation of this recipe you need to make the wheat sprouts.

Put wheat in a clean glass jar with water.

After 12 hours, you need to strain wheat through gauze, rinse thoroughly the grains and reinsert in a clean jar.

The sprouts with 1-2mm. length will come out from the wheat and it will be ready for your wheat sprouts recipe.

Take clean garlic, nuts and wheat sprouts and grind them together.

Then grind 5 lemons with peel and mix all ingredients together in one enamel pot.

Make lemon juice from the rest of your lemons and add to the mixture.

Now you can add honey and stir all together with a wooden spoon.

Put your wheat sprouts recipe in a glass jar and store in the fridge.

Your wheat sprouts recipe will be ready for consumption after 3 days.

How to use?

Take 1-2 tbsp 30 min. before breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime.

You need to consume until you cure yourself or until it ends remedy.

It’s preventive to consume just one dose annually.

For treating cancer, you need to take your remedy every 2 hours.

This wheat sprouts recipe is guaranteeing a good health and long life, is keeping freshness, youth, and energy of the body because it contains all minerals, vitamins, proteins, bioactive substances, vegetable fats, carbohydrates and essential oils.

It`s improving performances of all internal glands and organs.

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